VIII Ogólnopolska konferencja "GIS w Nauce"

Spatial Decision Support Systems: Past, Present, Future

Piotr Jankowski

San Diego State University

This talk presents the field of Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS) through the lens of historical, contemporaneous, and futuristic developments. The conceptual and methodological roots of SDSS are discussed focusing on user-centric approach to identifying, evaluating, and
testing solutions to spatial decision problems. This is followed by a synthetic overview of SDSS literature for the past 34 years. In its final part, the talk offers an outlook at the future of SDSS with an eye on recent developments in Artificial Intelligence and opportunities they bring for supporting complex spatial decisions.

Dr. Piotr Jankowski is a Professor of Geographic Information Science and Chair of Geography Department at San Diego State University. Before coming to San Diego State in 2003 he held faculty appointments in Geography at the University of Idaho (1989 – 2001) and in Geoinformatics at Westfaelische Wilhelms Universitaet in Muenster, Germany (2001 – 2002). He also taught and researched as a visiting professor at universities in Austria, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, and Poland.
His research focuses on models and methods of spatial decision support, participatory GIS, and sensitivity analysis in space-time models. Prof. Jankowski has co-authored two books: ‘Geographic Information Systems for Group Decision Making’ (2001), ‘GIS for Urban and Regional Environments: A Spatial Decision Support Approach’ (2009), and his work has been published in over 100 international journal publications.